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FRR Immigration enables individuals as well as families to discover a whole new range of global opportunities and business ventures by investing in second residency and citizenship. Armed with years of expertise and knowledge, FRR Immigration offers dedicated assistance through this process thus helping you expand your global footprint.

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Introduced other immigration via investment programs such as Grenada Citizenship by Investment, Portugal Golden Visa, Greece Golden Visa, Malta Golden Visa and more


Enhancing human potential
through global citizenship

Permanent relocation to a foreign country can be done through the financial route of investing in the economy of said country. Those who opt for residency by investment are known to receive residency much quicker than traditional applicants.

Wealth of knowledge

Armed with complete knowledge and experience in the field of immigration, we have helped numerous clients transform their lives through relocation.

End to end assistance

Each client has their own reason for wanting to avail residency or citizenship. We decode this reason and customize plans which best fit their goals and help them achieve their objectives.

Client centric solutions

We strongly believe that our clients are our greatest assets and thus always keep their best interests in mind. Any advice given to clients embodies the highest standard of integrity with which we operate.

Robust international connections

With a wide global network, we put you in touch with the correct contact as per your requirement which brings you one step closer to residency.


We have worked with a varied range of clients who excel in their respective fields and have high ideals of quality and professionalism. At FRR Immigration, we pride ourselves for matching these standards and have an impressive roster of happy, satisfied clients. This can be attributed to the four pillars upon which FRR Immigration rests:

  • Evaluate the client’s end goal and offer services only if we are confident that we can help them achieve it
  • Provide a world class professional service with a personal touch
  • Commitment to finding the best possible solution through dedication and efficiency
  • Always adhere to the principles of honesty, integrity and ethical business practices


Your companion on the
road to global citizenship

With an eclectic mix of knowledge, international networks, research and out of the box thinking, FRR Immigration has been assisting individuals to transform their lives by way of relocation. We help them achieve residency or citizenship as per their preference through the financial route of investing in a foreign economy.

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FRR Shares has helped several clients elevate their lives by way of residency by investment and citizenship by investment. Our team is well versed with the nitty-gritties of world immigration and has vast experience in this process.

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"An investor receives her investment back after a successful EB5 investment"

"FRR has been a huge support in our 4 year journey to get a GC for my daughter under the EB5 program. They were exceptionally responsive, upfront and responsible and continued support even after the application was submitted. Their updates were timely, they are well informed and know whats happening on the ground. Most of all, they were honest and fair in their dealing. Thanks to Jay and Janak ...having them alongside in this journey kept us confident even when not so good news was doing the rounds."

Atul Gupta

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